Equipe Enterprises provide professional and high-quality safety product installations right across Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast. With more than 20 years of experience, we are leaders in workplace health and safety and industrial asset protection. We work closely with our customers to solve even the most challenging of problems.   

Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast site evaluations and installations.  

If you have a workplace safety concern Equipe Enterprises should be your first point of call. It may only take simple advice over the phone or submitting photos of the location for evaluation. Other problems may be more challenging and require an on-site evaluation and in-depth discussion. We visit your business and examine the potential hazards, step by step in person.  

Once assessed, our team will present a written evaluation of the best application and most suitable products to solve the problem. Our experienced Installers can then step in to complete the project and ensure your site is once again operating safely.  

Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast removable security bollard installation.  

A regular question asked by customers is how they stop their business from being ram raided. We cannot stop your business from being ram raided but we can advise the best way to protect your property. This will ensure that any damage is either minimal or completely avoided.  

Removable bollards and security bollards are both a visual deterrent and the front-line protective barrier against ram-raid attacks. Installing safety bollards in front of your store, or at factory roller door entrances, will significantly reduce the chance of attack. If perpetrators still attempt to enter your residence the security bollards will take the majority of the ram-raid impact force.   

Equipe Enterprises has installed hundreds of bollards across many Southeast Queensland shopping centres, car parks, national parks, and private businesses. We know what style and size of bollard you will need, and where to install them for maximum protection.   

Our bollard range includes retractable bollards, galvanised bollards, surface mount, or below ground permanent bollards. We also offer custom colour powder coated bollards. Suitable for the Queensland coastal environment is our marine grade 316 stainless steel bollards that will not corrode or rust.   

Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast safety equipment supplies and solutions. 

Not all problems need on-site evaluations or installations. We are here to answer even the quickest and simplest of workplace safety questions. We can offer informed solutions over the phone or email and all products are available to purchase online via our website. We ship our safety equipment supplies out every day to Australian customers far and wide.  

Contact us today for advice on our safety products and arrange an on-site evaluation for all your workplace safety concerns.   

We have many satisfied customers located all around Brisbane and surrounding suburbs. This includes areas such as Pinkenba, Rocklea, Carole Park, Burleigh Heads, and Eagle Farm. We also take care of workplace health and safety solutions on the Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise, and Sunshine Coast.