LED Cone Lights sit snugly inside most standard or collapsible Traffic Cones, working in conjunction with the cones reflective collar, to provide extra visibility in poor weather, dim, or low light situations. They continuously blink/flash, providing highly visible adequate warning of potential hazards or redirection of traffic lanes. Unlike some solar lights, these LED Cone lights are powered by 2 x D size batteries (not included) . Conveniently, they can automatically switch themselves on when low light is detected.
Illuminated Batons can be useful in many different scenarios. Commonly used for traffic management purposes, marine settings and in emergency situations, however our flashing illuminated batons have also appeared, more than once, in the world-renowned Sydney Mardi Gras parade! Lightweight, comfortable to hold, operating on 2 x D size batteries (not included) these batons hold up to 300 hours of light within one battery set. The baton is 540mm long and has two light settings of flashing and static.

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