Portable Gallery Posts

A stylish and slimline portable post system. A very popular choice for galleries and exhibition centres as the system discreetly separates patrons from items on display, along with being able to provide directional instruction and flow of traffic. The post and base are lightweight and very easy to pick up and quickly relocate, or reposition, when required.
Available in two heights, 450mm and 900mm, and with a choice of 4 different cord colours (blue, grey, red, black), the Neata Gallery Post and Base system can be configured to a variety of appearances. The 16mm base comes with a polished 316 stainless steel cover plate and has a cushioned underside to protect delicate floors.
The removable black cap allows for the cord to be inserted into each post and then locked into place by returning the cap into the post. Cord can also be wall mounted by installing the Neata Gallery Wall Mount Receiver as a finishing point.
A4 brochure holders and sign holders are sold separately, and can house details about items on display, or simply just be used to provide instruction or direction.


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